Welcome to Premier Studios!


Welcome to Premier Studios

Welcome to Premier Studios!  We’re excited that you are visiting our page. 

We are a Studio that is committed to your achievement.

Building character and strong personal accountability in children isn’t easy in today’s age.  We believe that academic and physical conditioning are a great foundation, but, it also takes an excellent circle of influence.  Parents, Teachers and Friends all play an important role in our children’s development.  Now, with social media, we are all closer than ever… so we think. 

At Premier Studios, our goal, our ambition is to join that circle of influence.  We believe in teamwork within the class, and we believe in teamwork among our group of talented Instructors.  And, we believe in teamwork by working with and communicating directly with Parents. 

We’ve also taken it one step further.  As partners in education with many of the school districts in our surrounding area, we have the joy of actively participating in award events as they recognize student performance within each school. 

More than anything, we strive to provide a place for children to actively explore their talents.  To let loose and be who they are when no one is watching.  We encourage them to find the confidence to share these innermost joys with the class around them through dance and tumbling.  We strive to help those children learn from each other and work together to achieve what they thought wasn’t possible in the real world. 



Our Classes 

Your quest for the perfect Studio can end right here.  Our extensive list of classes includes many styles of dance and a variety of skill levels along with self-defense and martial arts.  We are pleased to also offer Yoga and Cardio Fit.  So rest assured there's an option that's perfect for you and your family to join us.  We're constantly updating our offerings, so that we give our customers what they are asking for and fits all of your daily schedules. 




Hip Hop







Latin Ballroom



Private Lessons

Private lessons are avaiiable for all classes that we offer!

Private lessons are avaiiable for all classes that we offer!